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Our Story

Kaberland started firewood production and exports in 2004 and has been reliable partner for wholesalers in Scandinavia.

  • Presently, we stand as one of the leading manufacturers in the Baltic region, boasting an annual production capacity of up to 1,300,000 bags.

  • Our firewood has consistently earned recognition for its superior quality in Norway for several years and has primarily been available at Plantasjen and Coop.
  • Over the years, we have consistently supplied firewood to various countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Ireland.

Natural drying

In our production process, we utilize natural wood drying, which offers several advantages over kiln-dried firewood:

  • Environmentally friendly! We store logs in our barn and allow them to dry naturally using sun and air. We save a lot of energy with that.
  • Drying for over 6 months ensures stable and excellent quality for each and every log (moisture max 20%).
  • All products are ready by the beginning of the season and ready for prompt deliveries in big volumes.

Raw material

  • Only best quality birch and oak wood is used for production.
  • Our raw material partner is the Estonian State Forest Management Centre, who is the owner of the FSC certificate.
  • Our products are environmentall friendly and 100% natural. 


  • The firewood is packaged in 40L UV-resistant net bags with a shelf life of up to one year.
  • Your label can be added to the bag.
  • Different bag sizes are possible upon agreement.
  • The bags are securely stacked on pallets to ensure safe and steady transport.


We collaborate closely with multiple transport companies, enabling us to readily arrange transportation to your specified destination worldvide.

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